Track Down Your Cheap iPhone Using the Handy Find My iPhone Feature

The Find My iPhone feature makes it possible to monitor where your iPhone is, an advantage that a lot of people appreciate. Losing your phone is something that may have happened more than you would like to admit, but this feature makes it easier to start searching. Apple has been making that possible since June 2010 by allowing users to track their iPhones with another iOS device or iCloud. All it takes is for the device being tracked to have an internet connection.

Find Multiple Devices
Apple made the feature very easy to use ­– all you have to do is go through a simple setup and activate it. With this feature, you not only get to track your iPhone but other devices including a Mac, iPod Touch, or iPad. As long as the feature is active on a device before it is lost, stolen or misplaced, you can track it easily.

The feature comes in handy when nobody knows where the family’s Apple devices are, which is not uncommon. With people coming in and out of the house, you can quickly forget where a particular device is. You can use the web to log into your iCloud account and then enable tracking for a particular gadget.

Play Sound and Lost Phone Options
Play Sound is one feature that you can use when you have just misplaced a device around the house or office. Activating this option forces a device to play an audible tone even if it is on silent or vibrate. There is also a Lost Mode that allows you to lock a phone and then send a contact number to a device so that anyone who finds it can use it to call. The option also activates an audible tone to make it easier to locate the device.

Erase Data
If you are like most mobile users, you store a lot of information on your mobile device, even if it’s an already outdated, cheap iPhone. You can ensure that nobody gets access to that information by erasing all of it using the Find My Phone feature.


How to set up and use Find my iPhone: The ultimate guide,



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