Practical and Cheap iPhone: Make the Most Out of a 16GB iPhone Memory

A 16GB memory on an iPhone is one feature that most people have trouble reconciling with because some have numerous online and digital needs to take care of. There are, however, ways you can live with a 16GB storage and you can start by relying on pre-installed apps. Downloading new apps that have the same functions as the ones already on your handy and cheap iPhone is just one of the many ways to waste memory. Even small-sized apps still utilise valuable storage.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is another option you can consider when in need of more space. Apple offers users an iCloud account of 5GB, which you have the option of expanding by paying for it. Other cloud storage choices are available such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive, which you can utilise for documents and a host of other file types.

Delete Unused Apps

Stop keeping apps you don’t use on your iPhone. Some apps hog memory and the more you keep downloading without deleting old ones, the more space they occupy. Apps can sometimes store files offline, consequently adding up to the storage space an app needs. Find these unnecessary apps and delete them.

External Storage

Alternatively, you can choose to add extra storage on your iPhone with an external device. An iPhone doesn’t come with an internal memory card slot which is why an external expansion has to suffice. Buy a microSD card reader that connects to an iPhone’s Lightning port and then expand as necessary. The readability of an SD card reader will vary from one brand to another, so make your choice well.

Optimise Photo Storage

Use the Optimize iPhone Storage feature offered on iOS to store photos when the phone’s memory runs out. What happens is that the system sends the high-resolution copies of your photos to the iCloud account while leaving optimised versions on the device, which will subsequently free up space that you can use to snap more photos.


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